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How to curate a store your customers will love

There is nothing better than opening a store - whether online or elsewhere - that seems tailor-made for you. You know, it’s “take all my money”, an almost magical feeling when you find a store that you could browse for hours.

Do you have that feeling? This is the power of curation in action.

Hand-picked products help you connect with your customers. By carefully choosing the products you know they will like, you are essentially saying to your customers, "this is for you." In addition, by curating your store, you make it easier for your customers to discover new products, which positions you as a store where you can buy both familiar and fresh.

However, the curation process can be a little overwhelming at first. After all, you have a unique vision, but how can you find products that match that vision exactly? Where to begin?

There is a lot you can do to be the curator of a store that your customers will fall in love with, and we will help you do just that. Let's start!

Get inspired

How can you be sure that your chosen products will resonate with your customers? Start with the basics.

Your customers' buying behavior will tell you everything you need to know about their tastes, interests, and price. Review your current inventory and take a look at your top-selling items, what products have been on shelves for seemingly centuries, and everything in between. Pay attention to any trends or patterns you notice when you audit your catalog. Based on what you learn about your customers, you can better determine which products will pique their interest.

In addition to what's happening in your store, see what's popular in your niche, what your competitors are doing, and where else your customers shop. Having a pulse on what's going on in your industry as a whole will help guide your research.

Once you have completed this initial research, make a list of the products you want to add to your store. You can always test the products in your store and see how they work.
The goal is not to include every product idea that comes to your mind in your store. The idea is to edit your list to the point where you have a curated collection of products that you are sure your customers will love.

Narrow down your product list

As you narrow down the list, think about your brand's values ​​and ethics. These are the ingredients that play a huge role in shaping your brand, how your customers communicate with you, and how you ultimately deliver the right products to your customers.

Here are a few questions you should ask yourself to guide your mentoring process:

Does this product meet the needs of my ideal client?
Does this product match my store's price range?
Does this product meet my brand standards?
Am I excited to offer this product in my store?

Ask your customers to leave a review
Another great way to fine-tune your curated product listing is to directly ask your customers for their feedback.

Whether it's an email survey or an in-store survey, understanding how your customers shop and what they like and think about your items is a great way to gauge what items you should have in stock. Come up with the easiest way to collect customer feedback and prioritize it.

Asking for customer feedback not only helps you determine the direction in which you should go with your coaching, it also reinforces a strong sense of connection with your customers. Your customers want to feel like their opinions are heard. Providing them with a platform to exchange these views is essential in retail.

Curation leads to connections

There's no doubt about it: curation is what separates retailers and small brands from department stores. While these stores offer tremendous convenience and discounts, these purchases can often seem impersonal and fragmented. This is where you step in to change the narrative.

No matter what technologies emerge, no one truly knows your customers the way you do. Your customers turn to you for recommendations, proven and real favorites and new product finds. Filling your store with products that your customers will love and interact with will build customer loyalty that is truly unique in the retail space.