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How much does it cost to sell on Ugosu?

There are two types of Shop Activation Plans for merchants on Ugosu: free and several types of paid ones. The seller chooses the plan that suits their online selling requirements at their discretion.
You can find out the details by logging into your personal account. Both types of plans are designed for a specific period - from one month to a year. After the expiration date, the Plan must be reactivated.

I am a seller, how will I be paid for the goods sold?

Ugosu has a 15/30 rule and you get paid for items sold on the 15th of every month after a 30-day return period. The money is transferred to your attached PayPal account, to a bank account or sent directly via Wise money transfer.

How much does it cost to open a store and put up a product for sale?

Ugosu Marketplace has paid and free memberships for sellers. The seller has the right to independently choose the membership that suits his interests.
There is no charge for posting an item at the time of posting, but it counts towards the remuneration for the item sold and is $0.2 per item.

What are the fees and commissions for selling on Ugosu?

When you sell on Ugosu, you incur fees for using certain services.

- $0.20 per listing.
- Paid only in case of sale.

Transaction fees
- 5% of the total item costs (plus shipping and gift wrap). Fee amount is converted to your payment account currency at the market rate where your listing and payment account currencies differ.
- Different from the Ugosu Payments processing fee.

Currency conversion
- Ugosu converts your funds to the currency of your payment account on your behalf.
- 2.5% fee is assessed when currency conversion is required.

Payment Processing Fees
Payment processing fees are a set rate plus a percent of the total sale price of the item. This rate and percent flat by country. The fees are taken from the item’s total sale price, including its shipping fees, and any applicable sales tax. They are in addition to Ugosu's transaction fees.
- 4% + 0.5 USD

All settlements with buyers and sellers are carried out in US dollars.

Who can sell on Ugosu?

Ugosu is a platform where millions of people from all over the world connect with each other to create, sell and buy unique DIY products. On Ugosu, you can sell handicrafts, vintage items, and craft supplies. These can be individuals and legal entities that have goods that are not encumbered with debt obligations and are ready for immediate sale and delivery.

Where is Ugosu available?

Ugosu is available in all countries where buyers can pay online using Visa / MasterCard, PayPal or Direct Deposit.
Ugosus geography includes (but is not limited to) the United States, Canada, Western and Eastern Europe, the countries of the former Soviet Union, etc. If you have a question about the availability of Ugosu in your country, you can contact our consultants.

How can I open my store on Ugosu?

Getting started selling on Ugosu is easy! Below are the basic steps to set up your shop:

1 - Click the button Register in the upper right-hand corner of menu and Create a new account on Ugosu.
2 - Enter your contact email and password, and phone number.
3 - Follow to email you provided and confirm registration.
4 - Login to your new account and enter your personal information including name, address (required) and phone number, etc.
5 - Click the button 'Start Selling' in the left-hand menu to set up your store.
6 - Go to the Seller's page in the top menu, click the "Store Activation" button and select the Free or Paid plan. Your store is ready to be replenished.

How are Shipping Rates calculated when I buy from multiple vendors?

Shipping rates are calculated as a total for shipping from each maker. For example if you order 3 products from 3 separate makers, your total shipping cost with be shipping from maker 1 + shipping from maker 2 + shipping from maker 3.

How long will it take to get my order?

Orders are fulfilled by each Maker, our typical processing time is between 2-3 business days. For customizable products, please refer to the product description for processing time as some products may take up to 7 business days.

Can I wholesale products on Ugosu?

Yes, you can sell products in bulk by offering wholesale and retail prices on the same product publication.

I already sell on Etsy, why should I join Ugosu?

The Ugosu marketplace does not ask you to stop selling on other sites before joining! We encourage all of our manufacturers to sell them in as many locations as possible. However, such giants as Etsy, Amazon and many others, focused on buyers of handmade goods, do not work with sellers from the countries of the former CIS and many countries of Eastern Europe.
Another big plus of Ugosu is that stores of any form of ownership as well as individuals can sell here, which cannot be said about other marketplaces. 
In addition to our platform, at Ugosu you'll receive access to learning guides, helpful knowledge, and access to a community of Makers just like yourself! We help promote your products through giveaways, paid advertising, partnerships, and so much more!
We are also the platform to offer a Partnership Paid Ads program.  With this you can get up to $100 of paid ads for your business.  Ugosu will match your budget, up to $100, and create and run online ads for you. Just submit your photos and we will take care of all the hard stuff!

What does the name Ugosu mean?

The name of the Ugosu marketplace comes from the word Gosu, which means master of the highest class in Korean. By adding the letter U (you), we emphasize that we treat you as a Master of our craft.