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By using the Ugosu.com website (the "Website") or by creating an account with Ugosu and using the Ugosu service (the "Service") as a merchant, you agree to the following terms (the "Ugosu User Agreement"):

I. General
Although Ugosu is commonly referred to as an online marketplace, It is not a traditional "retailer". Instead, Ugosu acts as a platform for sellers and buyers. Ugosu does not participate in actual transactions between buyers and sellers and does not transfer legal ownership of goods from sellers to buyers. As a result, Ugosu does not control the products sold and the ability of sellers to sell products.

II. Membership And publication of products
A seller on Ugosu can be any individual or organization (legal entity) that produces and/or sells products in the categories published on Ugosu.
Prohibited products include those that are prohibited for sale in online stores, including products that are prohibited for sale in certain countries. For example, such as: weapons, ammunition, child pornography products, drugs and narcotic drugs, flammable goods, alcohol, medicines, and medicinal products. If you have a question about the legitimacy of selling a product on our site, please contact us for clarification.

Ugosu is primarily a marketplace for the sale and purchase of DIY retail products around the world. In some cases, goods can be sold in bulk at the discretion of the Seller with a discount. When drawing up a product card, the Seller indicates the minimum batch of goods or the minimum purchase amount for a batch of goods.

The seller must comply with all Ugosu policies and the seller's individual store rules and sell the product as described in the product specifications. Similarly, the seller must comply with General membership requirements when dealing with issues that arise, such as damage and returns.

III. Seller's obligations and guidelines
The Seller must have the legal right to sell the products offered for sale on the Site. You must describe your product and all terms of sale and delivery on the ad page on the Site. Your ads may only include text descriptions, graphics, images, and other content related to the sale of this product. All listed items must be listed in the appropriate category. Each ad must accurately and completely describe the product / items for sale in this list. If the quantity "in stock" is greater than one, all products in this list must be identical. Each unique item must have its own list. Ads cannot contain outbound links that direct users outside of Ugosu.

IV. Pricing
All product prices must be published in US dollars (USD). The site allows you to view the price of goods in other currencies (Canadian and Australian dollars, Euros, Rubles, etc.) set by the site administration. Currency exchange rates are reflected depending on quotes on the world market using third-party financial resources and are not set by the Ugosu administration. Prices in other currencies (other than USD) are used only for comparison and are not the settlement currency. The settlement currency is the US dollar (USD).

The seller is solely responsible for their information, and Ugosu acts as a passive channel for your online distribution and publication of your information and information about the product being sold.

This agreement is an Addendum to the Ugosu User agreement and reflects specific points that apply to sellers.

If you do not agree with this user agreement for the Seller, please leave the site.